Set to the whimsy and melancholy of Arvo Part's Spiegel im Spiegel, we hope you enjoy this glimpse into the otherworldly elements of 'The Disappearance' known as Eons of Sunsets Have Nothing On You.  This is not 'The Disappearance' or an extract from it. It was created from the abundant material we yielded during our Magic Hour shoot with our dancers and highlighting their work, and the presence and grace they brought to the project. And the artistry of our choreographer and principal dancer Sophia Grimani, who I consider an equal collaborator on this portion of the overall production. Sophia was 100% dedicated and responsible for all that unfolded before the lens. Like Nat Geo documentarians, we were just there to capture it. When conceiving the tone of the sequence, we thoughtfully discussed ambience with words and phrases like, "strange and beautiful" "elegant but primal" and "ethereal". And while she shared some video of rehearsals, the crew and I had no idea what we were going to be filming or how. Only where and what time. It was an exercise in creative trust. And it was marvelous. Each of the dancers brought their own character to the sequence. The Old Soul. The Summoner. The Seeker. The Apprentice. And The Dreamer.

While some of this material is featured in 'The Disappearance' it is presented differently. And here we also present alternate takes and both shorts have footage omitted from the other. Eons, is very much it's own piece. Bonded to 'The Disappearance' only by it's characters and otherworldly, dreamy sensibility.